iTimography | About


I’m Tim McMichael. Since I was 8 years old I have been taking pictures. Granted my passion came at a young age I am always looking to take pics of sunsets, full moons, wild animals, flowers, people, buildings, etc… I aways feel that I need to go out and shoot, and thats where my love of iPhoneography comes in. I need to share what I see with everyone. And when I think about it, I think that’s what photography is all about. I photograph to show the world’s natural beauties and disasters, others however photograph for different purposes. It gives us a new way to look at a person or object. Everyone photographs differently and for different reasons and when I see someone else’s photograph I know that I probably would never see what they captured unless they took the picture. I like to see as many pictures as I can; it helps me to see the world in a different perspective.

Photography started as just a hobby at a young age, or even a time killer. But it is a time for me to relax and as the old saying goes “Stop and smell the roses”. It allows me to get away from the busy, rushing world of technology and focus on trying to capture a certain moment of time. And if other people like the photos that is a plus. Heck if I like the results it is a plus. But during the time from when I frame the shot to the end of a shot, it is all filled with many possibilities.

Along with photography I have been a web developer and graphic designer for a little more than 15 years. I’ve helped businesses and organizations in North Dakota and Minnesota accomplish their goals with creative and practical solutions for a variety of website- and design-related challenges. Sometimes it was as simple as getting the right photo or designing a new logo. Or many times, it was breathing new life into their website. Those are the challenges that I love taking on. 

Of course, not everything is all work. When I’m not working on a project, I am a husband and a father and I enjoy spending time with my family and trying out new ideas with my camera. Living in Detroit Lakes, I get several opportunities to do both.